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Description of Links

This Site

MY PLACE: A description of my virtual home.

STORIES: Some stories that I wanted to share with you.

QUOTES: Meaningful quotes.

TIPS: Tips to events that take place in everyone's life.

ARCADE: The Virtual Arcade.

FRIENDS: A page to my friends.

SIGN GUESTBOOK: Sign my guestbook. It's a very important thing to do.

VIEW GUESTBOOK: View my guestbook.

Other Links

WIND'S PLACE: A great webpage for a great man.

PERIGIL'S DOMAIN: The man with the hook-ups.

NSANEPNOY'S PAGE: Welcome to Philli's Page.

MARIE'S FREAKY PAGE: One of my friends webpage whom I met on IRC.

SUGAPNOY'S PAGE: Meet Sugapnoy.

JEREEEMEEE: One of my friends from GAA. A lot of links to other GAA sites.

SHELL'S VIRTUAL HOME: Webpage of the person who first signed my guestbook.

SHARI'S KEROPPI HOME PAGE: A page of a friend on ICQ, it's a great page if you like Sanrio stuff.

Other Sites

ANIME ARCHIVE: A great source for Anime. Has just about everything. Even Hentai.

VIKRAM'S MIDIFEST: Everything that you want in midi files is probably in here.

TUCOWS: Go here to find all those helpful programs that you can use on your system.

MIRC: A great program for IRC (internet relay chat). Get this program, then you can chat with me on IRC. You can usually find me at chat.talkcity.com, my nickname is usually rame. So download today. Even AOL can use this program.

ICQ: Check it out, you'll love this program.

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