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Welcome to My Place

About this Place
Well, this is my home on the Internet. I live in a place called 39 Carlton Heights. I'm in this district called Skyscraper Towers which is in a city called Fortune City. I'm living in one of the richest places in Fortune City. So that's pretty cool. It's like living in your own virtual world. Just think of it as a place where I can let my mind go free.

What I'm interested in:
  • These Lovely Ladies
    You see these lovely ladies, well, I thought they would make some nice decorations for my place. Do not be alarmed, I just chose these pics because they were available to me in the little webpage creator thingy which I used. After all, sex appeal sells. I don't watch X-Files that much, and Cameron, well, I can't say much about her, but, good job. Well, let's just say that Gillian is my maid, and Cameron is my chauffeur. After all, this is my world. Yeah!!!
  • Sports, Music, Art, Anime, TV, Etc.
    Well, all I have to say is, "You gotta love it all!!!"
  • Other Interests
    Well, I'm basically interested in many things. There are times when I try to do too much.
Where To Go Next
You can email me at