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J-Boy: Point Guard #1 over here. Learn some new moves. I'm tired of stealing the ball from you on that spin move of yours.

Gayleeface: Point Guard #1 at the womens level. Maybe J-Boy should learn some moves from you.

Air Head: Good luck on getting your license.

Lyn: I'm a barbie girl.

Beast: Nice rip on W-Kevin's shorts.

B-Nag: Don't borrow pants!!!

BaeBae: Get Internet access.

Philli2: Alright, you've boned up, now you need to bonedown.

Choobeyway: Hello Hello Hello!!!

Gooth: Okay Mr. QB, what's up now pimp???

Westside: Good luck with college.

Kneel: I believe you can grow.

Nim: You should watch "How to Be a Player." You need some advice.

Ja-Roam: Thanks for the free "Yoshi Food."

Leemeer: You so crazy.

White Kevin: How does it feel to be pantsed by me and having your shorts ripped off by the Beast in a 24 hour period. Drop your pants!!!

Seamun: How's your g/f eh? Har har har.

Kurt: Don't spoil the cheese!!!

Barnes: Thank you, come again.

Nifty: HAI!!!

Renny-D: No comment.

Reney12: Okay Sailor Moon Freak #1, any more requests. Don't worry, I'll beat ya in bowling someday.

Arlene: You're so Cute!!!!

J-Holly: Get your license already. Geez.

Bayag: are you?

Reetorf14: Ha ha ha ha ha

Tweeesha: Hey, you, your sister, and Cheryl are great singers. I likez it a lot.

Jereeemeee: There can only be one Jeremy.

LilBataPny: Hey you, thanks for being the first person who signed my g-book. Stay cool.

GeeEyeJayn: P P A

Mizjaque6: Hello lady from Fresno, I'll see you during the football season.

Acid_Burn: No Doubt.

Carmen: Hey Aussie, still looking for glimpses of the man of your dreams. The page you're looking for will be up when I find the goods. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

BabyReal: Hey you, I'll see ya in LV sometime. Hope you had fun in Cali

Lat: Recognize the song? It should sound good on your, "AWE 64." Okay buff guy, I need some tips so that I can work out my "lats."

The Great Marcusso: Hey pastor!!! Loved the Gospelite. Good work.

Windrookie: Alright man, you started me off on the webpage editing biz, now make me stop. J/K.

Jalca: What's up man? Long time no see.

Power Drill: Hey man, get me some hook ups.

Wheel: Hey, send me some of those quotes, stories, and stuff like that.

You can find me on AOL as Raame.
You can also find me on as Rame.

And now, another song that I've written!!!

Ramos Ramos Ramos can't you see,
sometimes your ways just hypnotize me,
I love to see your flashy ways,
You might be short but that's okay.

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