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The Virtual Arcade

Welcome to my virtual arcade. All these games require the SHOCKWAVE plugin. If you don't have must download now.

Celebrity Slugfest
Knock the daylights out of Barney, Tori Spelling, and other annoying celebs. Just don't let your kids or closet Tori fans catch you! I already took time to beat up Barney, Fabio, Tori, Mr. Rogers, Bill Gates, and Rush Limbaugh. I'm still getting beat into a pulp by OJ, Letterman, and Madonna. It's fun!!!

Badtz-Maru Knock Out Game
Try to score up some points by hitting Sanrio Character Badtz-Maru. Be don't want to hit his seal friend or you'll lose some points. My highest score is 19.

Mudball Wall
Test your dexterity and logic. Strike the targets one and all, and watch for a pattern on Mudball Wall.

Multiplicity Punch the Clown
Stressed out? Are the clowns at work getting on your nerves? Here's your chance to blow off some steam without getting fired.

Five Degrees of Separation featuring Wayne Knight
You may think of Wayne Knight only as the obsessive Newman on Seinfeld, but at Sony he's the center of the universe! See it for yourself in only five steps!

Sega Online
Help Sonic capture the rings in this Shockwave game based on the bonus level from Sega Saturn Sonic 3D Blast!

Virtual Cow Tipping
No longer reserved for teen-aged residents of rural communities, cow tipping has entered the digital age. Now you can knock over unsuspecting cows in your very own home.

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