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How to Use Pickup Lines

Okay, you're in an environment with some mighty fine hunnies. Well, you're just waiting for someone to notice you. First of all, you gotta marinate the fish. Don't waist you're time waiting for someone, you gotz to go to her. So here are some lines to start you off.

Excues me, we haven't met, but I'm your future husband.

Tell me if your man is doing wrong, 'cause I'll do you right.

Baby, I wish I was your boss, so I could try to take advantage of you.

Can I have your autograph, and phone number along with it?

Baby, can I be your night watchman?

Oh sexy, I wish I was your lipstick.

Oh, baby! I may not have fish in my freezer, but I'd make room for that rump roast.

Do you like computers, 'cause you're making my software hard.

Let's go to my place and do the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway.

Why don't we cut out all the B.S. and just get naked.

WARNING: DO NOT follow my tips. If you do, you're screwed, you hear me, SCREWED.

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