Rame's Tips
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How to Gain Center of Attention

Alright, you are in an large and loud environment surrounded by people. Unfortunately, nobody has noticed you. Well, you have a problem, you're trying to be noticed. So I got some tips for you. Here we go.

First: Well, you gotta get noticed, and a good way to be noticed is to greet someone. So this is what you do, you go up to somebody and pat him/her on the butt. You'll be guaranteed to get noticed.

Second: Pick a fight with the biggest guy arround. After you get beat up, you'll get a lot of attention. When someone finds you half-dead on the floor, that person is guaranteed to get you some medical attention.

Third: Start singing, "I'm a Barbie Girl!!!"

Fourth: Well, here's one my personal favorites. Drop your pants!!!

Fifth: If all else fails, just strip naked and go crazy.

WARNING: DO NOT follow my tips. If you do, you're screwed, you hear me, SCREWED.

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