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How to Make School Fun

Okay, you hate going to school everyday. So, here are some ideas for you to make school something that you want to go to. All you have to do is go to your S.A. (if you're school has one) and make some suggestions to them. And when you're finished, school would be a place you want to go to.

First: Have a bell ring at 2 pm for booty call.

Second: Have a class strictly for the subject, "Masochism."

Third: Make detention party time.

Fourth: If you flunk a test, you win $100 buckeroos.

Fifth: Have a noontime activity called "Hit the class loser."

Sixth: Hand out free condoms.

Seventh: Have wet t-shirt competitions.

Eighth: Make McDonald's your cafeteria.

Ninth: Have Tyra Banks as your principal.

Tenth: Make a day at school called "Drop Your Pants Day."

WARNING: DO NOT follow my tips. If you do, you're screwed, you hear me, SCREWED.

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