Rame's Tips
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What to do at Other Schools

Get this, you're visiting another school. This is what you do to make your experience more memorable.

First: Leave your mark by spray painting all over the place.

Second: Visit the ladies dorm for booty call.

Third: Bring loud speakers so that you can get down and party whenever you feel like it.

Fourth: See anything you like...then take it.

Fifth: Scream out your school's name in any school events.

Sixth: Sneak into all the girls' rooms and steal their underwear. Then some time during the day, set off the fire alarm and get the sprinkler system goin on.

Seventh: Need to use the bathroom, feel free to use a tree.

Eighth: Set off manure bombs when you get the chance.

Ninth: One thing you must do, streak all over the place.

Tenth: Whenever you have the chance, drop your pants.

WARNING: DO NOT follow my tips. If you do, you're screwed, you hear me, SCREWED.

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