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Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh Michelle Yeoh has entertained Hong Kong film fans for over a decade now. Her movies are all jammed packed with great fight scenes and tremendous stunts. Everybody want Kung Fu Fighting. Recently, Hollywood has taken an interest in her talents and all I can say is, "That's Great!". America has never seen a female action star like Michelle, and so it's anybody's guess on how well she will be recieved by the moviegoing public...I hope that we get to see a lot of her. She posseses an extraordinary array of qualities that should definitely take her to the top of Hollywood's hot list. Of course this doesn't mean that she will totally abandon making Hong Kong films. She sees no reason why she would have to stop. This is good news for all of us because we'll be able to see Michelle in big budgeted, special effects Hollywood films as well as the adrenaline pumping, "everything goes kick butt to the extreme" Hong Kong films. What more can we ask for? Well, all I can say is, "She's Great!!!" She has been an inspiration for many people.

English Name:
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Michelle Yeoh
Michelle Khan
Yeoh Chu-Kheng
August 6, 1962
5 feet 4 inches
100 pounds
Ipoh, Perak

Now that you've seen all that stuff it's time to move on...Michelle sets herself apart from other Hong Kong actresses by performing all of her own stunts, much like the way the always entertaining Jackie Chan does. The film Supercop showcases her talent in this area to the extremes, with the greatest example being the dirtbike stunt. This is where she is riding a dirtbike from a hill and then jumps onto a moving train. You can even see the accidents that Michelle went through in that movie during the credits. Even Michelle was amazed that she completed that movie in one piece. But that's not always the case. In the movie The Story of Stuntwoman Ah Kam, Michelle took a 17 feet spill from a bridge and landed on her head rather than on her chest. She explains, "My feet came up from behind and I heard my back snap". ARRRGGGH! You know what it's called, "Dedication!" Needless to say, Michelle ended up in the hospital for a while and recieved visitors such as fanatic Hong Kong film fan Quentin Tarantino. I believe she said that he bowed down to her feet as if to worship her. Wonder if I'd do the same...probably. Anyway, Michelle was married to Dickson Poon for three years. He convinced her to retire from the film industry, but once they divorced she went right back to acting with her comeback film being Jackie Chan's Supercop, good move. And what a comeback it has been. Since then she has starred in many great films such as The Heroic Trio, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi Master. Now that she's in Hollywood, let's hope that those films pale in comparison to what she has lined up for the future. So far she has the new Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, which will come out in December. I also heard she was offered a role in the new Star Wars movie, but turned it down. Could this mean she has even better offers coming her way? Sure hope so...